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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 18, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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saturday i'm juliette huddy welcome to a new hour. >> hello, i'm eric sean. hurricane igor is bearing down on bermuda right now. this could be a long and punishing storm. a live report from rick leventhal in bermuda, straight ahead. >> standoff in texas just coming to a dramatic end. police say the gunman shot two deputies and another man and opened fire at a police helicopter. >> one of three american hikers detained for over a year in iran on her way home. sarah shourd making a quick stop in oman before she heads to the states. in new york tomorrow. >> grand ole party infighting. lisa murkowski saying she will fight on, despite losing last month's gop primary to tea party favorite joe miller. murder could you ski planning
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to run as -- murkowski planning to run as a write-in candidate. this is not sitting well with many. why go ahead with this despite her primary loss? >> reporter: juliette, good to see you. because the race was very close. her opponent and attorney out of alaska joe miller only won by 1600 votes. not a very big margin whatsoever. despite losing however, murkowski has a lot of name recognition in alaska. she served as state congresswoman for a few years. her father was a u.s. senator later went on to become the governor of alaska. she was appointed to his senate seat in '02. then reelected by the people in '04. murkowski says she has been hearing a lot from her constituents. people who are not pleased about the primary results that's one of the reasons for her decision as well. >> when those votes came in on
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the 24th of august, when they were counted, there was nobody that was more disappointed than i was. but since then, things have happened, events have transpired. there has been an outpouring of support from alaskans all over the state. >> reporter: regardless of what happens, it is going to be an uphill battle for her, for sure. the only person in history to get elected to senate as a write-in candidate was strom thurmond that was back in 1954, way before this tea party we are seeing here in america. >> you mentioned uphill battle to say the lost. many in her own party, the republican party are upset over this. >> reporter: absolutely. a lot of feathers have been ruffled within the gop. a handful of her colleagues in the senate and within the republican party say she simply needs to accept her defeat and stop distracting
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from the other issues. sarah palin also chiming in on this. calling her attempts to try and get on the ballot as a futile effort. the national republican senator committee has released a statement about this. let's show you what that organization has to say on the issue: if senator murkowski is truly committed to doing what is right for her state we hope she will step forward and fully endorse joe miller's candidacy. we talked about the tea party. a lot of people have said miller won bus of his support from the tea party. the tea party express, an organization that has already given about $600,000 to his campaign. no doubt it is going to be very interesting to see, as she going to be a write-inóo7 candidate.8hhoñs unlko4ot,ñ physically voters will have/m÷d-ab$ to wri gñy on a pi, >> casey
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we've got to get people who believe in these pro family limited government federal. ideas out in november. >> reporter: newt gingrich told the crowd they could take
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the house and senate back from what he calls the political he . >> we are at a great cross road in american history that is part of why i think the insurgency is so helpful and the new energy of the tea party most is so helpful and the toughness and eager new england to come to washington to change washington by the new candidates is so useful. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] he scored grass roots 7, establishment 0. islam has been a big topic. bill bennett spoke about terrorist acts made in the name of islam and islam leaders who have not reputed those acts. >> are angry at what this religion has done to itself and to us. this is a righteous anger. we are angry at what leads of this religion fail to say >> reporter: they head back to their districts sunday where they will attempt to turn this energy into votes. >> pence even edged out
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newt gingrich, mitt romney and mike huckabee that was caroline shively reporting. >> sarah palin rallying a crowd at one of iowa's most important republican events of the year. while pushing for unity within the gop. she joked about speculation on her own possible run in 2012. can we get to carl first before we show angela and the lovely richard. >> reporter: home of the first presidential caucuses of 2012, sarah palin contributed to speculation she eyeing her own white house run. she joked she thought about going for a jog then worried about how the press might handle it. she took a shot at some establishment republicans who have given her a hard time for her contribution to the tea party candidates with >> i don't know how the machine works, i don't know who they are who strategize and organize in the hierarchy in the gop machine or the
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democrat machine. i don't know if i want to know or need to know, because i think some of those experts were the ones who were wrong in massachusetts, virginia, new jersey and delaware and alaska and kentucky. >> reporter: palin described criticism of the republican washington establishment as a moment in the wood shed. earlier this week she talked about the possibility she might get into the campaign. >> i don't know. we know that it is not up to me. if the american people were to be ready for someone who is willing to shake it up and willing to get back to time tested truths and help lead our country towards a more prosperous and safe future and if they happen to think that i was the one, if it were best for my family and for our country, of course i would give it a shot. >> reporter: palin's speech a warm reception. to a person every iowa caucusgoer said she will have a lot of work to do. retail politics on the ground. there's question about whether or not she wants to engage in that. carl cameron, fox news.
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>> that was carl cameron reporting from des moines, ñ you. >> republicans touting tphraeurpb to get the economy moving again. saying americans are sick of stimulus plans and gop wants to stop all tax hikes. this week the senate -- passed a bill meant to help small businesses including tax cuts for employers who add new jobs only two republicans voted for it. the bill heading to the house now. will republicans feel compelled to vote for it? if they don't will democrats use that against them in the midterms? there she is! angela joining us. we a little glimpse of you earlier. we like to know you are standing by. all right. this morning in their address congressman touted the republicans' plan he went after the democrats.
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let's not listen. we'll get back to that lark basically, the senate passed this small business stimulus bill 61-31. only two of your colleagues in the gop voted for it. now it is heading to the house watch do you think is going to happen? do you think republicans will jump on the band wagon and should they? >> if they are in a tough race and if they are incumbents that are going against tea party candidates they might be compelled to vote for it. 69% of businesses are small businesses. they are the backbone of this nation. if republicans vote against it they in a tough spot where they have to explain to the constituents that they wanted to extend bush's tax cuts and they weren't get whole deal. are they -- they are throwing out the baby with the bathwater. it is all in messaging. if these republicans are in tough races i think they will vote for the piece of legislation. >> we have the sound bite loaded.
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let's listen. >> first, republicans want to all of the tax hikes that are set to take effect january 1st. for his part, president obama proposes raising taxes on half of small business income in america. economists and frankly, a growing chorus of democrats in congress, agree with us raising taxes on anyone in a struggling economy, especially small businesses is the exact wrong thing to do. >> richard you say republicans not only should support the bill but they will. >> i think they have. i agree with angrily. you saw this washington spin from the congressman in his prepared remarks this morning. the truth is -- >> what was the spin? >> spin is, president obama and the democrats are -- want to extend some of these tax breaks but not for millionaires. and what the congressman is trying to say if you don't extend the tax cuts for everybody, that somehow you
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taxes n people. of course that is nonsense. the democrats don't want to raise taxes on anybody. this bill we are talking has a lot of great stuff in it for small business that would promote hiring and spending by small businesses and it has no republican support because the republicans are saying we want all or nothing. [ talking over each other ] >> quickly, i want to let you in on a fox poll on this. the question was, should the bush tax cuts continue? the results were, 40% say keep them for everybody. 44% says, repeal on high earners.wt 10% repeal all the tax cuts. get rid of 'em for everyone. what do these numbers say to you? >> the country is split. and the country is emotional right now because of this weak economy. if you don't extend the bush tax cuts to all, the millionairs or the folks that make over $250,000 a year
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there's the people richard that help create jobs. if republicans vote against this bill they have to go home and explain as to why and question the message right. democrats are portraying republicans as obstructionists. why did it take democrats so long to put this bill fourth? >> everything in washington takes longer than we would like. -- this is hopefully what the midterm election will be fought overtax breaks for the middle class and small business versus republicans trying to support the wealthy special interests. democrats do not want tax breaks for millionaires. >> on that note we'll end it. thanks for joining us. >> dramatic ending to a very volatile standoff in odessa, texas. within man in custody after allegedly shooting three, two police officers. reports say a repo guy came to take back the suspect's trailer yesterday.
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the deputy was called in, that's when they say the suspect fired on both of them. they say he gets on the scanner and tells police to come and try to kill 'em. police officers swarmed the scene the suspect shot another police officer then started firing randomly into the air even at a police helicopter. witnesses heard loud bangs, saw smoke rising into the air and the suspect was finally apprehended. she is coming home. the american hiker freed by iran is heading back to the united states right now. she a stop in oman's capital earlier today. sarah shourd said this: >> i have a deep appreciation for the doctor for bringing me from tehran for the honor of his friendship and continued engagement in my life and the life of my fiance sean and my dear friend josh. >> it was a very emotional union with her mother at
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oman's airport earlier this week. shourd with her fiance shane and their pal josh, were arrested over a year ago in july of 2009 when they were hiking along the iraq/iranian border. iran accused them of being spies. secretary of state clinton is appealing for the release of the two american men who remain behind. oman's prime minister says it does not appear that tehran is ready to cooperate on that she was leased on $500,000 bail. she expected to arrive in new york tomorrow where her family says she will be holding a news conference tomorrow afternoon. i guess we'll hear more about that then. >> guess who else is heading to our country? preparations now underway here in new york, one of the world's most controversial leaders is on his way. iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad traveling to our country, right now. ahmadinejad will be attending united nations general assembly for a summit on combating poverty around
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the globe. he's expected to arrive here in new york city later tonight or in the early morning hours. he will meet with united nations secretary moon tomorrow and will be addressing the united nations twice this week. not only do they have the summit on poverty but the main general assembly meeting later this week. he's expected to face several demonstrations while here. one includes protesters marching in manhattan with a huge ahmadinejad puppet. another big rally set across from the united nations when he speaks. >> a giant ahmadinejad puppet that sounds creepy i hope he doesn't go through times square. there's a huge billboard it is not flattering towards him. a little message for hill. mixed reaction for pope benedict xvi in the u.k.. celebrating mass with tends of thousands in hyde park this afternoon. hours after a large anti-pope march kicked off in the same location -- in the same location. joining us roman catholic
6:16 pm
priest and fox news contributor. great to see you. this is a momentous occasion for the church. it was the first time since 1534 when the church broke with england that the pope was there. is that correct? >> john paul ii, did come in 1982, you are right the first time a pope has made a state visit to the united kingdom. and the queen receiving pope benedict xvi and honestly, it was a very moving moment, whether you are catholic, christian or nonbeliever. that is because, pope benedict xvi came to westminster hall, right there where thomas moore was condemned to death for having not supported the king, hen country viii for getting rid of one wife and take another to give him more babies. the fact that the father was there in westminster hall.
6:17 pm
today with all these crowds of people, yes, there were protests. i would say the general feeling has been very positive. even as pope benedict xvi has been going very strong against secularism, agrees forums that would try to get religion out of public forum. >> why now? why did he choose to make this official statement now? >> well, he's traveled to a lot of different parts of the world. certainly he's concerned about europe, being aiyer man himself, looking at england as an important cultural mover, i would say in europe. he's concerned about what he calls a dictatorship of relative. -- relativism meaning you can never say some things are always wrong or always right many england has a strong sense of christian tradition also strong secularism. he's been saying, let me show you this, this is a front page of, i hope we can get this here, of the paper, pope's battle to save christmas!
6:18 pm
sounds heat -- sounds like the war on christmas we remember clearly. what he is saying when a culture tries to get rid of those traditions that are based in religion, what they are doing is they are beating up on themselves. that culture is beating up on itself. very strong words from an 83-year-old german pope here in england. >> the pope did, as you mentioned see protesters and did address the sex abuse scandal. we'll hear more about in later on. father great to see you. >> teller rick i said health low >> father, great to see you. i know it is late in london. >> i got geraldo at 3:30 in the morning. >> get some sleep. bermuda has pink sands, great golf. and now hurricane igor. barreling across the north atlantic on a collision course with that beautiful island. rick leventhal is there and
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could hurricane igor be a preview of what is to come on the east coast? bermuda is bracing for a but mother nature, look at this photograph. from outer space. igor is a powerful category 2 storm with winds topping 100 miles per hour. >> i've seen some storms, i've been here 35 years. i've never seen one as so far away and doing this much damage now. >> standing by for igor in bermuda, rick leventhal streaming live from hamilton, bermuda. hey rick, what does it look like now? >> reporter: eric we are a few hours away from the tropical storm force winds that will precede the hurricane force winds. the good news now from the
6:24 pm
national hurricane center is that the storm has weakened a little bit. it is down to 100 mile per hour winds. the hurricane center says we should still expect a dangerous storm surge. significant coastal flooding. possibly six to nine inches of rain on the island. and large and destructive waves especially along the southern coast. that's where we plan to ride out this storm. a lot of folks are taking this serious as you can see video of people boarding up businesses and homes. front street in hamilton, where most of the stores and restaurants and bars are in the main center of bermuda, many of those have been boarded up. the streets are starting to clear out the people who are still out, many of them are going to the stores for one last grocery run or hardware store run. they've sold out of a lot of essentials. running out of batteries and flashlights. most have sold out of tarps and gas cans and generators sold out a couple days ago for
6:25 pm
emergency power purposes. a lot of boats on the island. we've seen some of them being pulled in and stored for safety. there are still many hundreds ofboat boats that are tied up or anchored just off of shore. those boats are going to be left there throughout the storm. their owners are obviously keeping their fingers crossed they are able to survive the winds and the tidal surge as well as the waves which could be, we are told, 20 to 30 feet in height. the premier just spoke to the island and encouraged everyone to stay indoors and to be as careful as possible. and to take this storm seriously. it appears that most people are doing that. >> rick, try stay dry my friend as it hits overnight and tomorrow. rick leventhal, live in bermuda. an american couple on the hot seat accused of planning to sell nuke secrets to a country hostile to the u.s.a.. how they came to the attention of federal investigators,
6:26 pm
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here the latest news: massive gatherings and protests of pope benedict xvi. thousands marching through the streets of london criticizing the pope's handling of the church's sex abuse scandal. a texas man behind bars, shooting three, two were cops. reports say opened fire and took a hostage when a repo man tried to take his trailer. all three victims expected to survive. >> she is on her way home after more than a year mind bars in iran. sarah shourd making her way back to the united states. saying she won't rest until her two fellow hikers are released from the islamic republic. an american couple under arrest accused of selling nuclear s to venezuela. leonardo mascheroni, a scientist and his wife
6:31 pm
reportedly telling an undercover agent he could help venezuela build a nuclear bomb. julie kurtz with the story in washington. >> reporter: he's still in custody, she has been released. they are both due back in court monday in new mexico. according to the federal indictment, physicists pedro mascheroni told an uncover agent, who was part of the fbi sting that he could help them develop a bomb for venezuela, in 10 years. dr. mascheroni worked on nuclear weapons design until 1988 and had access to classified information, so did his wife marjorie who was a technical writer and editor there until recently. the 22 count indictment says the couple thought they were dealing with a government official from venezuela, not an fbi agent when they handed over a document of restricted information on how to design, manufacture and use atomic weapons. the indictment also says dr. mascheroni told the fbi agent that with his technical help, venezuela could cause an
6:32 pm
explosion over new york. that would not kill anybody but would destroy all electrical power in new york. speaks to a fox reporter in new mexico last year after the fbi searched their home he claimed to have broken no laws and said all the information he released was available online. >> you have to prove that these are secrets, real secrets. that i was selling the united states national security by giving this information to venezuela. that's what they have to prove. >> you say it was not secret? >> nothing was secret. >> reporter: according to the indictment, dr. mascheroni wrote the document and we are weapons and his wife did the editing. in return he asked the fbi agent posing as a venezuelan spy for $800,000. the u.s. has not accused the venezuelan government of seeking weapons' secrets. >> thank you. a claims of hope for those 33 trapped miners in chile.
6:33 pm
no a company from pennsylvania has provided rescue crews with a drill that's made of foot wide bore hole in part of that mine whalely's government calling that a pivotal development. the men could be free earlier than expected. it had been expected they may be down there until november. the small hole has to be widened for the miners to be pulled to safety. damage did on the sideline. texas high school quarterback dies after collapsing during last night's football game. reggie garrett had just thrown a touchdown pass, running off the field he was then to the ground. he had a history of seizures. doctors are an waiting autopsy results for an official cause of death. banks and credit card companies aren't the own ones getting creative with rules. more and more people, desperate for interest, have
6:34 pm
started opening up several high interest checking accounts and getting the rewards that go with them. the banks are catching on. some financial consultants are saying do it any way as long as you can pull it off. joining us is patricia powell. what are these accounts? how do we get 'em? and how do we do that before the banks catch on? >> banks are offering them to you. so you don't have to worry about them catching on unless you are doing things in excess. a lot of banks are offering -- promotional rights so you have to shop around a local credit union in new jersey offers a 3% ira that anybody can get. there's a bank in the northwest that can offer a 3% checking account. there are some criteria that you have to adhere to. 3% -- i found one in the midwest that is offering a 4% checking account. you have to pay attention to what the rules are.
6:35 pm
for instance, that 3% checking in the northwest, they want you to have at lost 12 debits a year -- i'm sorry, 12 deb pet about its a month, excuse me. a direct deposit going into the account. you have to neat criteria or you are not going to get the rate or there could be penalties if you shop around there are some good deals out there. >> amazing cd's are 1 or 2%? >> according to the bank rate monitor you have to go out five years and not breaching 2 1/2%. that's a really good point about cd's. a lot of people don't know regardless of what the rate is in your bank, you can ask for more. your bank doesn't have to give it to you, but they might. it does help the larger amount often a six figure account will do better than your $1,000 cd. you should ask. if you -- the way to ask is simple, this is the same no
6:36 pm
matter what you are asking for. you go to them, you have to be polite. you just say, i noticed your rate is x. is there any way you can do better on that rate? if they turn you down, all do you is you follow up and say, thank you, be polite again. i understand that you can't do something better on this rate, is there somebody else in the bank that can do better for me? the worst that can happen is they say no. when i ask i get 70, 80% success rate. >> wow. let's say you have money, put it in the bank, checking at from a bank some place else, how does that kworpblg >> you -- how does that work? >> i found 21 in the west, one in the midwest you might be able to do it over the internet, by mail. that's why direct deposit makes sense, your check ends up in the against and you write checks against that account. you have to be careful you note rules and adhere to them
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otherwise you will defeat the purpose of this. >> you get these things and suddenly a 25, 29%. >> great point. these could be promotional rates and they hey not last forever. there is no such thing as a free . if you pay a little -- free lunch. if you pay a little attention you might have enough interest to get a sandwich. >> you don't want to get snookered. >> no. >> speaking of free lunch, who flips the best burgers? we are not talking mcdonald's, wendy's, burger king. we have the two best topping the list. breaking down the tatiest ground beef in the bis, after the break. with capital one's vture card,
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my house last night. no. that's how it is done beer lovers in oktoberfest in germany. tradition is very long-standing. this year also the festival's 200th birthday. millions will celebrate by raising a glass or two or a pint or one of those things or more. oktoberfest runs for more than two weeks. here's something new, for the first time ever no smoking in the pubs, cafes and beer tents. >> no smoking there company >> finally! -- you don't want to have any smoking when you are trying to get a hamburger. wendy's, burger king, the best in the biz? not them. >> mcdonald's were ranked at the bottom just below
6:43 pm
jack-in-the-box and white castle, those famous sliders. can you guess who topped the list? we kind of know. so does gregg daughtry with consumer reports. >> reporter: the duringer -- burkeer to beet is the five guys burger and the in and out burger out west. >> that's on the west coast. i lived out there. they are amazing burgers. gout to go out there sometime. we don't have them here, because we didn't have somebody fly out and get them today. what was so great about five guys? we should taste them and make shirt you are right. >> we surveyed on the tastiest burger. nutrition has nothing to do with it. it has a lot of different toppings. >> what goes into that? when you have these tests, consumer reports everything. how do you know how to judge it? what to look for and what the ranking is? >> this is a survey of 28,000 of our online subscribers.
6:44 pm
we asked what restaurants they had been to lately, did they have a burger and what did they think of it. >> it is hard to chew a burger where there aren't any toppings and nothing to drink, there it is. you ask the next question. >> all right. there's a new trend inburgers in our country now. you've got shake shack in new york city. five guys. a bunch of new chains that go being to the 50s-style burgers. pj clarks in manhattan around for 50 years. >> great place. >> did the survey indicate there's some type of trend that is different than the regular fast food-type burgers? >> i think you are right we may be seeing a burger renaissance. people want something meat like this. >> what was the big criticism about mcdonald's? the kids love them. they seem to be grease for your folks? >> not terribly tasty most of
6:45 pm
the taste comes from the ketchup, mustard and onions. hard to pete for price. >> how much for the five guys? >> the single ones are $3.50 the doubles are $5. >> this is a substantial burger we have that's a serious burger eric? >> it seems to indicate to me that people are willing to pay more for good taste and not just the 99 cent deal. >> i that i is right. even in this economy most people can splurge. >> let's get that list up. again, the top on the list if if you are in the west you are lucky in and out and five guys. >> fuddruckers, burgerville, backyard burgers, culver's frozencus card. what an burger.
6:46 pm
hardy's they've been around for years, carl's, jr.. white castle. wendy's down on the list. sonic drive. a & w, crystal, burger king, jack-in-the-box, mcdonald's. >> if you are in the midwest go to missouri really good burgers there. >> big nicks. >> where else? >> shake shack all the kids go to shake shack. >> oh, pj clarks. thank you very much for joining us today. the tea party flexing its muscles in several key elections the past couple of months. will the tea party have staying power to make a long term impact on american politics? the future of the tea party, coming up from burgers to tea parties, we got everything there on the fox news chance tell nts ziplogic. we throw out over $500 in food every year.
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. there's been a tragedy near new york city. you are looking at the scene of a crash that has killed six it involves a church minivan. this scene 50 miles north of new york city is just above woodbury common shopping mall along the new york state through way. a church minivan with 14
6:51 pm
people crashed in this accident that occurred about 3 1/2 hours ago. six people reported dead. at lost eight people have been injured and taken to hospitals. we have no further details on now accident happened or what happened or what church the parishioners belonged to or if they were at the mall, which is a popular site near new york city. very sad news sunday evening, six people, members of in a church minivan killed in a tragic accident along the new york state thru-way. >> police in los angeles chasing leads as they search for a parolee wanted in the murder of a bride-to-be. 34-year-old man wanted for allegedly stabbing a woman to death during a burglary then setting her house on fire. >> bp says one more test is needed before it can declare the blown out well dead.
6:52 pm
crews are pumping cement in the well to permanently seal it off for good. >> a charter bus crashes north of dallas, injuring 18 people, one seriously. the bus had just left dallas headed for oklahoma city when it slammed into a highway barrier. the driver told cops a car swerveed in front of him. the tea party movement has had a profound effect on republican primaries nationwide. like christine o'donnell's big win over established candidate mike castle in delaware. tea party may be having influence on our nation's political system as a whole. our next guest co-author of a new book, how the tea party movement is remaking our two-party system. doug schoen is here. first of all congratulation on the book. >> thank you eric, i appreciate it. >> we know they are mad as hell, we know what they are mad about.
6:53 pm
but how can that fundamentally change politics, as you say? >> there's a movement to get into the political system through the tea parties a quarter of the american people support the tea party movement, 40 to 50% favorable at any given time. that's as possible as the two parties. giving the primary results you cited it shows the tea parties are among the most potent forces in american politics today. >> they don't want to be a party they always say that. how can this become a political force? >> well, we have seen with the primary victories, six senate primary victories they are a political force in terms of mobilizing people to vote in november if they get a big turn out to vote for candidates who subscribing to their platform they will ipso facto be a motivating force. >> record number of republicans, in 1930 the last time you had these percentages. 17 million republicans gone to the polls, september 1st, versus 13 million democrats.
6:54 pm
you have an overwhelming number of republicans in part because inform movement? >> i think it is they are closer on issues to the republicans than the democrats. as we've seen in delaware with castle's refuseal to support christine o'donnell there's no love lost there. in terms of stimulating turn out for the primaries the tea parties dessert ever the bulk of the credit. >> could they divide and hurt the republicans at the end of the day? >> certainly possible in some isolated races. like delaware where castle has refused to support o'donnell. now in alaska where senator murkowski say they will run as a write-in candidate. the positive impact of electoral mobilization of the tea parties far outweighs any tactical disadvantage. >> what about the criticism they are too extreme and some positions won't wash with the vast majority of voters in
6:55 pm
november? >> i think their concern about fiscal conservatism, reducing debt, deficit and balancing the budget hits a chord. there's a sense that they are representing ordinary people against the mainstream. so, even if some of their leaders and perhaps some of their positions are out of the mainstream they've hit a response -- responsive chord. >> talk about the ruling class one theme we hear from the candidates. you talk about president obama from the book, the president has deepened the partisan divide but brought the government into a crisis of legitimacy if the democrats suffer at the polls in november it will be obama's doing. would there be a tea party or parties without him in the white house? >> there was a large scale rejection of the bush policies which took a clinton era surplus turned it into a deficit. president obama offered a nonpartisan america in his campaign. he hasn't offered that, bailouts, health care bill.
6:56 pm
people are mad at both parties. i think the policies of the obama administration has been a catalyst. >> the book is mad as hell how the tea parties are making -- >> eric kicked me out he didn't want me sitting next to him any more. i'm not wearing the proper clothing. you can't sight bottoms. i'm wearing like, you know, any way that does it for us today. that you for watching. >> julie banderas is up with the fox report, next. >> happy saturday. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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